Flying Machine 90l Epoxy

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This board gets straight to the point.

Its aim is to accelerate as fast as possible, for an early start to the planning.

We've done away with the bevels and underhang, which slow the board down on the low end, in favor of hard, lively rails for efficient exits and blistering acceleration.

The EPOXY Customs range is one of the lightest boards on the market (6.7 kg). The value for money is exceptional. However, it is reserved for riders who are accustomed to treating their equipment with care. It must be stored in a bag. Nor is it an exceptionally fragile board. It can be handled just like a surfboard - it's the same construction. A surfer will have no trouble with this construction.

The shape is recessed under the pads. This allowed us to insert a PVC plate under the pad, thus limiting the amount of indentation under the heels.

We've eliminated the sharp edges on the deck, for added strength.

The uneven reinforcement under the hull hides a block of high-density foam that covers both rails and the handle for added strength.

This WING FOIL board was shaped by Renaud Derbois.

The main beam is moved forward to maintain forward support in Wing and conserve volume to compensate for the double concaves.

The concave deck gives you a better feel for your placements.

The tail and nose are accentuated to optimize parallel lines and float speed.

The overall rocker is very taut to increase speed and rising.

The nose is banana-shaped to dampen landings and touches.

This board is fitted with straps but delivered without footstraps.

Recommended for strapless sailing.

5'8 28''1/2 3''3/4