Interview with the founders of Coucou Collection

The girls behind the Coucou Collection are true style icons and we had the honour of asking them a few questions. Curious to find out who is behind the fun Belgian brand? Read on!

Tell us something about yourself! 

Hi! We’re Isabeaux and Lennie. True soulmates, although our friendship started very unexpectedly. We understand each other very well and are always on the same wavelength. Both very enthusiastic and go-getters at heart. When we go for something, we give it our all. And Coucou was no exception.

What should every woman have in her beach bag?

A good pair of sunglasses!

What is your favourite piece from your collection to go to the beach? 

Definitely, the Coucou surfer tee! A T-shirt with a unique print and vintage wash. Specially designed for Coucou. Perfect beach combo = Coucou surfer tee + Denim shorts! 

What is your favourite water sport? 

We like to watch the surfers… ;-)

Could you say of yourself that you are a surf chick?  

We'd love to be! But unfortunately we haven't done it enough yet.

What is in your opinion the most beautiful beach you have been to? 


What cocktail would you order if we went for a drink at a beach bar together?

Aperol spritz!

Are your pieces sustainable? 

We often work with leftovers of fabric and from this year on we are working with fully recyclable packaging. We try to apply this as much as possible.

Do you design them all by yourself?

Yes with the help of talented people through the whole process! Coucou aims to create unique pieces that fit perfectly in your existing closet but stand out in a way that’s hard to describe. 

We strive to give you the most comfy on-trend pieces so you can feel your best & look fabulous while doing so. Each piece gives you happy and good vibes to brighten up any moment/day.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

The name “Coucou” comes from our love for Paris and the way we greet eachother. It’s a casual, cool way of saying hello and that’s exactly the vibe we want to achieve with our collections as well. So we get a lot of inspiration from travelling, spotting people on the street (like in Paris) and discovering new trends. We always name a collection and the pieces after a certain city, region, ...

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