MyMarini, the must-have swimwear brand for summer 2023

Summer is just around the corner. And many women are again desperately searching for beautiful swimwear. It is getting warmer, people are dressing lighter and once in a while a bikini can be worn.

I bet you have them every year, just before the summer starts. Yes yes, I’m talking about those thoughts about your summer wardrobe and whether you should start working out again first yes or no. Those discussions with yourself go on and on in your head, "A swimming costume or a bikini is not going to do it for me this summer." Or "I just bought new swimwear last year." And also "Buying all these clothes is really bad for nature, isn't it?

Then you do not know the brand, Mymarini.

As a swimwear label, Mymarini is part of the fashion industry. With that comes the responsibility for them to help shape the industry in a sustainable way, and to drive change towards a cleaner and fairer world. They do their best to produce their clothing in harmony with nature, and to pursue their mission of building a brand that enriches the lives of everyone involved – from the people who source the materials, to you, their customers. Mymarini is proving that fashion and sustainability go together.

You feel good, inside and out, in Mymarini because it is made by real authentic women for real authentic women. In addition to making beautiful swimwear together, the whole Mymarini team goes surfing together, does yoga together and enjoys each other's company. The pieces they make are of real quality and are amazingly beautiful. They can be worn on both sides, so yes girls, you can have two bikinis for the price of one ;-)

And by the way, did I tell you that MYMARINI donated 20,227 euros to social projects and charitable organisations in 2021?

Team L’Aperçu’s favourite is THE SEABODY // Flattering, functional and reversible! With the deep cut in the back this style is a typical MYMARINI swimsuit - for more style in the sea. It protects your sensitive décolleté from the sun and together with a high waist jeans or a skirt it turns into a outfit for the after party.

Are you curious whether Mymarini will look and feel good on you too? Come by the shop, see for yourself, try it on and who knows, you might be the next beauty that everyone asks where she got her bikini from!