The latest foil trend

What is pump foiling?

Foiling without a wing, why would you do it? Foiling on your board, without wing in hand, gives an even freer feeling, with more freedom of movement. The thrill is to stay on the foil as long as possible, both by pumping, and by reading the waves well and continuing to use the power of the sea from wave to wave.

No wind and completely flat water? No problem, you can still practise your pumping technique. Your foil generates lift as it cuts through the water. So the more speed, the more lift. And yet you can create lift without, or at very low, speed by moving your board, and thus the foil, up and down. In the downstroke, you have some speed and your foil starts to 'work'. You can then use the lift it generates to give your board a push at the back so it shoots up. And when you're high on the foil, you have room to lower again, and so on. For these techniques, foils are used with a larger surface area, but a profile that still glides well afterwards. After all, you especially don't want to fall still. Axis' ART 1099 foil is a very popular foil for pumping with small waves, little wind or even no wind. By the way, the distance world SUP record with foil was achieved with the ART 1099. Mind you, it sounds and looks easy, but it requires incredible physical endurance! 

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In the movie below, you can see Loyd throwing away his wing to continue foil pumping.