Which beachclub to go to in Knokke?

Knokke-Heist counts 5 watersport beachclubs. They might look all the same, but each of them has his own character and ambiance. Let us guide you through what they can offer you.

Even if our coast line in Knokke-Heist is only 6km long, we do have a very active and famous water sport reputation. The 5 water sport beachclubs makes sure we can all enjoy our beloved sports and activities, in the best and safest circumstances. Each of them has his own focus, character, specialties and ambiance.
We let you discover all 5 of them:

Anemos Beachclub

Let's start in front of our shop! We couldn't have dreamed of better neighbors ;-)
As soon as you step on the beach, you'll feel the breathe of surfing around this club. Many water sport enthusiasts come here to get their daily dose of vitamin sea. The range of disciplines they offer both on as along the water is impressive! Both during weekends and school holidays, they organize all kind of activities for both young and old to let you discover the sail and surf sports. Every day again, they contaminate newcomers with the H2O virus. But even on the beach, you'll find many great games. Perfect getaway for youngsters that don't like to sit still, like us :-)
After your water session, take one of the many cozy spots on their big terrace and have a drink while after glowing of your experiences.

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RBSC Duinbergen

Just in between the casino and our shop, you'll find the RBSC Duinbergen. Many legends have been 'born' here. With perfect conditions, you might still spot former champions on the water here. This club also houses many early adapters. A new discipline or water sport is born? Many chances someone has already secretly tested it on the water here, which also leads to many long technical discussions at the bar afterwards! This spot is also globally well-known for their high level of catamaran sailing! Their sailing school with skilled teachers will tease you with the first tips & tricks. Many youngsters continue to develop their sailing skills in the Youth training program. The result is each year again, they bring home many medals and can be count among the absolute world top. The club can count many European and world champions among their members. Their clubhouse won't be big enough to fit all the cups they have brought home during all the years.
The terrace has a nice members corner where you can enjoy the trills you encountered.

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Riverwoods Beachclub

The Riverwoods Beachclub is located at the height of the end of the 'Kustlaan' in 'het Zoute'. Some of you might remember this surfclub as 'The Channel'. Back in the days, Keith Haring was member here and enjoyed surfing at this spot.
Looking for a water holiday experience for the whole family? They are the best to offer you the 'club med' feeling as if you would be on a palm tree island. The instructors from Jackfly will make sure you can enjoy all water sport activities during the day without any hassle. And their lovely terrace is fantastic to enjoy the sunset to make the day 'picture perfect'. Little hint, they say the beach BBQ is unbelievable!

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RBSC Zoute

When we go further in the directions of the Netherlands, at the height of the last buildings along the coast, you'll find the RBSC Zoute.
From the 5 existing beachclubs these days, they might have one of the oldest histories. Inside the beautifully decorated clubhouse, you'll find a wink to the old days and 'how it was'.
Many families here passed their sailing passion from generation to generation. And they still do! Many parents and grand parents take their (grand)kids here on the boat for the maiden trip. At the bar, you'll hear all the family sailing adventures they have encountered. A lot of their members became friends, all sharing the same passion. If you do as well, you'll quickly meet a lot of new friends here!

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Surfers Paradise

It's all in the name! Surf, Surf and Surf! Name any kind of board, and you'll find it here, ready to ride the waves. Located at the very end of our beach promenade, Surfers Paradise offers the ideal setting to emerge you in the surf vibe. Compared to the other 4 clubs, they are the only one not offering sailing. But believe us, you won't miss it! You'll need a lifetime to learn and dominate all the surf disciplines they offer.
Keep on eye on their socials, they often organize nice activities to let you discover new experiences and share their love for beach and sea live.
Not too keen of waves? They created a second location with a beach just next to a lake, it even has it's own beachbar and restaurant! And on the lake, of course, wakeboarding.
Who knows in the future they might also open the first wavepool in Belgium...?

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