Vayu Fly Wing Foilboard
The Fly’s wider tail provides unmatched acceleration and makes take-offs easier, while also offering more forgiving landings when jumping. Its unique design caters to all riding skills and conditions, from entry-level riders to freestylers, allowing you to evolve your skills and progress. With the Fly, you will find the perfect board as you evolve in the sport and unlock its true potential.

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FLY  4.1070L4´10´´24´´ x 4.1´´
FLY 5.080L5´0´´25.6´´ x 4.2´´
FLY 5.290L5´2´´27.2´´ x 4.5´´
FLY 5.5110L5´5´´29´´ x 4.8´´