Zircon catamaran mainsheet system


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    This new, more compact Zircon ceramic bearing mainsheet system is a testimonial to the power of collaboration. The previous generation of GP mainsheet system had become the standard among catamaran sailors at the highest levels. But these sailors wondered if we could deliver elite performance in a lighter, tighter package. So, we shrunk everything — except what it can do. At the heart are new 40 mm Zircon sheaves it shares with its namesake Zircon blocks. These contribute 30% less ‘aero-disruption’ and clear the tiller more easily. As before, sailors may swap in any Harken Power 3 ratchet sheave to match weather conditions. They can also choose 10:1, 11:1, or 12:1 purchase and tune the cam cleat angle until it fits their sailing styles perfectly. With a new extended head post and the correct strop length, those sheaves can interlock for max mast rake.